My Intro

Hi, I'm Carsh!

I've been wanting to be a blogger ever since I was a teenager. I never thought that the day would come when I'll be writing my first paragraph on my blog page. I was always conscious of what to write and where to start. Grammar was also a concern for me since I'm not confident with it, especially in writing. Now, I am going to put those negative thoughts aside and focus on writing and expressing my thoughts, experience, and anything under the sun.

What are the things I will write on my page? 

There will be a lot of stuff that I will write on my page. It will all be anything that comes to my mind. Be it Anime, Gaming, Movies, and probably random stuff. I think it will depend on my priorities and what I'm always doing. Currently, I am still doing some gaming and watching anime. Recently, after I purchase my new phone, I got into photography, I want to learn photography. I'm planning to take some short photography courses in the near future. I want to try new things. These things will be the content of my blog. I am so excited and hope to inspire new bloggers and learn from experienced bloggers.


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