Top 3 Gaming Phones in 2022


Top 3 Gaming Phones in 2022

We all know that gaming has been very popular in this era for all ages. Gaming has one of the biggest communities in the world. There are lots of gaming companies that have released amazing games and some of these games revolutionized the gaming scene. There are different types of gaming platforms up to date and technology will continue to grow in the gaming world. 

Without further ado, here are my top 5 Best Gaming Phones in 2022.

#3 Black Shark 2

(credit image to: Xiaomi)

(Image credit: Xiaomi)


Date Released: March 2020
W: 222g
D: 168.7 x 77.3 x 10.4mm
OS: Android 10
Screen size: 6.67-inch
Res: 2080 x 2440
CPU: Snapdragon 865
RAM: 8/12GB
Storage: 128/256GB
Bat: 4,720mAh
Rear cam: 64MP + 13MP +5MP
Front cam: 20MP

Black shark 2 has the power and quality camera you can ever get in a gaming phone. For more information on the price range, you can check and buy it here.

#2 Nubia Red Magic 6R 5G

Date Released: March 2020
W: 218g
D: 168.6 x 78 x 9.8mm
OS: Android 10
Screen size: 6.65-inch
Res: 1080 x 2340
CPU: Snapdragon 888
RAM: 8/12GB
Storage: 128/256GB
Bat: 4,500mAh
Rear cam: 64MP + 8MP + 2MP
Front cam: 8MP

Nubia gaming phones are one of the most affordable gaming phones out there. For more information on the price range, you can check and buy it here.



Date Released
April 2021
W: 238g
D: 172.8 x 77.3 x 10.3mm
OS: Android 11
Screen size: 6.78-inch
Res: 1080 x 2448
CPU: Snapdragon 888
RAM: 8/12/16GB
Storage: 128/256GB
Bat: 6,000mAh
Rear cam: 64MP + 13MP + 5MP
Front cam: 24MP

ASUS ROG PHONE 5 is the best in 2022. It has specs that you can never imagine in a gaming phone. I personally love the balance of the phone and at the same time powerful for gaming. For more information on the price range, you can check and buy it here.

These phones are a beast of their own. I can't imagine that these types of technology will rise in this generation. Never I have imagined that technology would advance so much that games can now be played in a single smaller device yet powerful. We do not what the future will bring into the gaming community in the future. Expect more high technology breakthroughs and bring the gaming scene to the top of the world. The power that these phones bring to the table is superb. These monsters will open a new standard in mobile gaming. Who knows, soon we can see High-end pc gaming on the palm of our hands.

These are my top favorites and hope that you would have too! What are your thoughts about it? Comment down below.

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