Be a Digital Nomad! Dreaming is Free, so Dream GRANDE!

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Having a beautiful house that cost at least 3 million, delicious foods on the table with desserts, fruits, and drinks. Unlimited chocolates, a monthly salary not lower than 100,000.00, a luxury car of at least 3 kinds of it, signature clothes and shoes to wear every day. Children enrolled in prominent schools with driver and car to fetch them back and forth, cash in my wallet worth 50,000, and international travel every 6 months with family and loved ones. Last but not the least, giving and sharing your blessings to church and charity. 

Wow!!!!  This is only a dream. The reality is so different. I have a house fair enough to accept visitors and friends. A shelter to rest and sleep comfortably with family and eat regular meals three times a day with some snacks. Simple, clean, and comfortable clothes. I am wearing just good enough for me to move, walk, talk and do the things I have to do every day. Children in a school where we can afford to pay while they are learning and at the same time enjoying. A car that drove us safely back home every day. I can say that I have a good life. I am blessed with so many things, I may not be rich but happy and contented. 

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It is not wrong to wish for more than what we have, and since there is no tax in dreaming of every material thing that others have and remember to dream is free so Dream GRANDE! The important thing is that you have good motivation to reach for your dreams, to do what you can for your future, and be positive and sincere in all your dealings. It will surely come back to you three times or more. Be thankful for every blessing that God is giving you but never stop dreaming and reaching your dreams. Work hard but not more than your strength. These, are my motto and the thoughts that I am telling myself that helped me a lot. It gives me courage, inspiration, and motivation to see the other side of the world.  I have realized that we are in this generation, the digital generation. That is the time that I learned about people who are called digital nomads. I search about them, and that’s how I understand and discovered that there are a lot of things that I can do in this digital world like being a Digital Nomad. It enlightens my mind to use the resources I have, like internet access wherein I can do a lot of things, sell goods online, write and review articles, do vlogs, teach, and many more. Now I am one of those people who are called digital nomads. I still worked in the field that I love and enjoy doing and at the same time working digitally.

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Still, I am not a millionaire and I'm living simply the way that I used to. But I have more than enough to live, buy the things I need, and help others in any way I can. I can spend much more time with my family at home, and go out on a vacation sometimes. I have the excitement to look forward to tomorrow because I know that every tomorrow I can see and be with the people that I love and the reason for my breath. -- Author: Joy C.P.

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