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Growing up, I am blessed to interact and get along with the less fortunate ones. I remember giving and sharing my food with them. During those days, I don’t think of anything else but to share the things I have with those in need, that’s how our parents taught us. As time goes by, I ask my mother why there are people like them who cannot buy food for themselves, don’t have a house to sleep in through the night, don’t have clean clothes, and most of the time begging alms in the neighborhood. Seeing their children in dirty clothes and can’t even go to school hurt me.  My parents always told us that we have to be thankful for everything that we have, and that is why going to school and studying hard is important for our future.

As I get older, I told myself that I have to study and work hard. Have a degree and use every skill and knowledge that I acquired from education to get a good job, a job that can give me the financial stability to secure my family’s future. God is good and I am blessed to have the things I prayed for. But still, every day I encountered helpless people on the street and sometimes I found it with my friends and acquaintances.  

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I searched for the reasons why many people suffered financially. And I got my answer. It is “Instant Gratification”, wherein they spend all of their income in one day like without even thinking of saving for tomorrow, spend a lot of unnecessary expenses, like eating in the buffet, hosting a party, going on a vacation, spending and spend without limit that is why many are only rich during pay day and the next day are struggling again. They Don’t know the importance of savings and don’t have the right understanding of how to spend their money in the right way. This cycle is being passed from one generation to another which is why financial literacy is important. One must cut the cycle of being poor.

How are we going to help them? Seminars? Training? Yes, we can have that for them if they want to, because success depends on individual decisions and the respective choices of people. Because life is a choice, happiness is a choice. So you? What do you want? Will you stay to be that way? Now is the time to prepare for your future like savings, having a better job, or becoming a free digital nomad. To be a digital nomad is a very achievable goal. You can influence others as well. How you look at success would depend on you, your decisions and choices in life can heavily affect that.

Be wise and plan for your future. If you wish to be a free digital nomad or a traveling entrepreneur or you just have a certain goal you want to achieve, then start now, and take a step towards your goal, whatever it may be. Don't forget to invest in yourself by learning skills and even subscribing to travel insurance if you want to travel, these will give you peace of mind and confidence as you continue to achieve your goals.

Spread your wing and unleash yourself from financial hardship. Take your step and decide your future.
Author: Joy C.P.

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