Things to do at home when you're alone

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Being a home buddy

I'm the kind of person who really loves to stay at home, a home buddy. I rarely go out and eat. I do like eating and socializing though, don't get me wrong. It's just that sometimes I just want to sit, sleep, watch movies/TV series, read books, and watch anime all day. I just want to take a break from stressful work, social media, and the toxic people surrounding me. These are the things I do whenever I'm just at home.

1) Watching movies

Who would not want to watch TV series/Movies, especially when you're at home chilling? I always make sure that I plan my day out and that TV series/Movies are part of it. Regardless of genre, I just enjoy watching them with snacks, with or without companions.

2)  Ordering food

Food is an essential part of being a home buddy. All of us need food. Ordering food is so easy nowadays. You have Jollibee delivery (My favorite), you have foodpanda, grab food, etc.,. These delivery services are quite helpful for a home buddy like me as you don't have to walk or commute to the nearest restaurant or your favorite fast food place.

3) Sleep

I do get a lot of sleep whenever I'm home. As a matter of fact, I sleep more than 12 hours if I'm too lazy to do anything. It's not straight though as it may not be healthy at all. Just power naps.

4) Gaming

I play a lot of games, be it mobile games, or PC games. It relieves my stress and I enjoy it a lot. Of course, I've been gaming ever since I was a kid and it's probably part of my daily routine.

So, those are the things I do whenever I'm chilling at home. See you in my next blog!

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